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Monarchy v. Republic? Tonight is the State of the Union, Jan 28, 2014

sotu-logo-2That’s right! Tonight is the annual gathering of all of congress, both the House of Representative and the Senate, gathering in the House Chamber where the President of the United States, POTUS, will address congress and the nation to tell everyone what is our status and where we should go and what the President’s agenda will be for the next year.

us capitolUnfortunately, this annual address has turned more into a huge laundry list instead of what it should be. Instead of giving a realistic view, it’s always painted rosy. I cannot remember an address where the president came out and would say that the union is not strong.

Our economy is still far from healthy. There are too many people still unemployed. Granted interest rates are down and Wall Street is/has been doing well, yet it is not good. If it were not for the propping up by the Federal Reserve with QE1, QE2, QE3 and so on – Wall Street would not be where it’s at now. There is a correction going on right now. Good! The market should realistically be around 13,000. The 16K + is way out of realism. A lot of money has been made, yet the little guy, the middle class has been hurt and is still hurting.

Declaration_Independence2675IN Tonight’s SOTU, it is being predicted that the president will by “executive order”, make the minimum wage go to $10.10 an hr for federal contract workers. This president clearly has been overstepping his authority and has bashed the U.S. Constitution and this is another move in that direction. What about all the waivers given for the Affordable Care Act – aka: ObamaCare?

It is time for congress to act! NOW! The American People have had enough of this renegade president. Just like in marital counseling where the kids are calling the shots, it’s time for the parents, the adult in the room to stand up and take control. If the president chooses to go down this path, then appropriate action by the congress should take place.

There are three branches of government that our fore fathers put in place, the framers of this great nation. Each branch is a “check and balance” over the other. We broke away from a King/Queen rule some 300 years ago. Do we wish to go back to that now? If this goes unchecked, then we are doomed to go into the abyss because each successor will just pile on and there will be no turning back.

I welcome your input and discussion. Our Republic and Democracy and future is at stake.